Miami is a popular travel destination known for its breathtaking beaches, exciting nightlife, and top-notch cuisine. Whether you want to charter a yacht for a day or for an entire vacation, Dream Life Miami can help you plan the trip of a lifetime.

Located on 600 feet of waterfront, Dream Life Miami has 165 rooms. It also features six high-energy nightlife venues, a state-of-the-art health and wellness center, and a private marina for mega yachts.

Chartering a yacht in Miami

Miami is a tropical destination that offers a host of exceptional opportunities for charter guests to enjoy. From taking in the city’s skyline to cruising through the stunning Biscayne Bay, there are plenty of great reasons to book a yacht for your next vacation.

A Licensed Captain onboard can take the stress out of your boat rental experience so that you can simply enjoy yourself. Our team can also provide a variety of optional upgrades and bonus activities for even more fun on the water!

Whether you’re planning a special occasion, graduation, or simply want to have some time on the water with friends, Miami is the perfect place for an unforgettable yacht trip.

The best time to rent a yacht in Miami is from mid-February through May. During these months, the weather is mild and sunny.

Planning your onboard experience

Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or you’ve never set foot on the high seas, you need to be well informed and equipped to acclimate to your new surroundings. A quick perusal of the onboard websites will provide you with plenty of information, including an overview of the onboard program, a list of your stateroom and cabin mates, and a schedule for your onboard activities. It’s also worth considering the plethora of onboard social media channels to get the lowdown on what your new colleagues are up to. Lastly, take the time to find out what makes Dream Life Miami stand out amongst the competition. From the moment you step through the door, you’ll be surrounded by the best of the best – all on the most exciting waterways in town.

Getting the right information at the right time is the best way to ensure you have the most memorable vacation ever. The key to the successful onboard experience is a little research, a few smart phone calls and a lot of patience.

Booking your yacht charter

When it comes to booking a yacht charter, there are a few things you should keep in mind. One is to make sure you select the right boat type.

Another is to find a specialist who knows the industry and can provide you with a range of options. This way, you can make an informed decision that will suit your needs and budget.

Lastly, you should make sure to check that the boat is equipped with vital safety equipment. This includes fire extinguishers, flares, bilge pumps and two-way radios.

Depending on your budget and requirements, there are a number of different packages available for a luxury yacht charter. You can choose to go fishing, have a relaxing day on the water or even do some sports. This will ensure that you get the most out of your experience and make it an unforgettable adventure!